- Choose Wiselyby LyndaS
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Minute Poem Contest Entry
Choose Wisely by LyndaS
    Minute Poetry Contest Winner 

          I listen to you say goodbye.
          I watch you cry.
          Do I believe
          you truly grieve?

          Does someone else now feed your soul?
          Do you control
          a weakened spine
          like you did mine?

          The final question that I see
          that's haunting me,
          consider hate
          or celebrate?

Writing Prompt
Write a Minute Poem. The Minute Poem is rhyming verse form consisting of 12 lines of 60 syllables written in strict iambic meter. The poem is formatted into 3 stanzas of 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4 syllables. The rhyme scheme is as follows: aabb, ccdd, eeff. See an example and more details in the announcement.
Minute Poetry
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Art courtesy Google images.


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