- Why are those people scowling?by Robert Zimmerman
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Trump is the President no matter what they say.
Why are those people scowling? by Robert Zimmerman
Controversy writing prompt entry

Donald Trump is President.
     The Democrats screamed NO!!!!!!!!!!!
They got the press to take their side
     and even Morning Joe
They opened all our borders up
     to let new voters in.
Then they called Trump treasonous
     they’re handing him a win.
Harassing Trump has been their game.
     They make fun of his hair.
But there’s this giant egg they laid
     it’s called Obamacare.
The Dems now want to socialize
     a country that’s been free.
They better find more lemmings 'cause,
     they’ll get no help from me.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem that will "ruffel the readers feathers"


Author Notes
This is a Ballad poem with 8/6/8/6 meter and an aBcB rhyme scheme.

This is such a controversial poem it made me mad AND I WROTE THE DARN THING! Go Figure...


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