- Blissful Sonnet (an acrostic)by LyndaS
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Happy Poems Contest Entry
Blissful Sonnet (an acrostic) by LyndaS
Happy Poems writing prompt entry

Between each precious word I read aloud
lies beauty I hold dear to heart and soul.
Inside the rhythmic pace with dreams allowed,
so pleasing is the verse it will extol.

Sweet stanzas calm the mind in soft embrace,

fulfilling every want with subtle flow.
Until each woe I bare has been erased,
let sonnets offer grace that they bestow.

Such elegance that warms me deep inside

obtains a certain joyful harmony.
'Neath happiness these blessed words abide.
No burdens can restrain when I am free.

Each sonnet offers more than words alone.

To me they bring a bliss I claim my own.

Writing Prompt
Think about happiness and write a happy poem. It can be any style, free verse or rhyme.

Author Notes
Art courtesy Google digital images.


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