- A Helping Handby poetsteve15
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Free Style faith True Story
A Helping Hand by poetsteve15
Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry

A Helping Hand
When I was way over my head in trouble
while I was in Viet Nam, His helping came
and pulled me up out of there; He said:
"He heard me call upon His name."
Just as a baby I wept, He was there for me.
I was drinking and way to hell as fast
becoming an alcoholic once more I called out
 oh, Jesus, I need help there for me was his
helping hand like always, He was there
It seemed like just for me.
I hate living alone do anything to avoid it,
I'd been going with another lady for four years
every-time we were about to getting married
she would backout'
I asked Jesus once again to step in
with His helping hand
I did end up not marrying her like
I thought I would.
You have to open your heart to Jesus
before he can lend you a hand:
that is what happen to me.
I now am married for twenty-five years this
April all because I asked Jesus for a helping hand.

It may not come as you had hoped it would
but God has other plans for you.
Jesus tells us we each have other promise's that 
His Father has for each of us to do;
just remember to ask for Jesus helping Hand
when the going starts going a bit rough.
                Steve Lee Siegel  
          July 25, 2019


Author Notes
This is my true story told though a free Style poem. When I got This Picture from Pinterest thee poem and my story just fell together.


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