- Crepusculeby Sanku
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obscure word 7-9-7 poem
Crepuscule by Sanku
Obscure Word 7-9-7 writing prompt entry
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When the sun says goodbye and
the sky sighs in red gold CREPUSCULE
we call it dusk or twilight.

Writing Prompt
Ladies and Gentlemen (and all other members to whom these monikers may not apply!): it's time once again for the Obscure Word 7-9-7! Find a word that truly exists but that, for some reason or another, has been out of the mainstream -- and bring it back for us! ;) Your poem should be of the format:

First Line -- 7 syllables
Second Line -- 9 syllables
Third Line -- 7 syllables

It should highlight/explain/define an obscure word for us and really make us want to use it the next time we compose an offering! :) Remember, keep it mostly clean (know that's difficult for some of you out there, but it IS only 23 syllables so I'm sure you can manage it!) and impress us! :) Make it fun, make it intriguing, but, most of all, make us want to vote for yours!! :) LET THE OBSCURITY BEGIN!! :)


Author Notes
Thank you very much for this artwork, Browncat
I put the word crepuscule in capitals only to highlight the word.Crepuscule means twilight .it is a rarely used word .we use the more common words like dusk or sunset


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