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My Promise To You by poetsteve15
Love Poem Poetry Contest contest entry

My Promise To You

I love you without knowing how
or when, or from where.
However, I do know I’d rather have you
any of my bad times,
than be with someone else

in all of the good times;
I’d rather be beside you

in any storm safe and warm,
than be by myself.
I'd rather fact the turbulents
that come our way,

 or any of my hard times
with you
at my side.
Then be apart from the one person

who holds my heart in her hands
with so much loving care.
I make this promise to you;
my dear wife,

I’ll always love you,
till the day I die.

It’s all about you and me, and our love
that we are facing and the
troubles that may come our way
as a person;

sharing in the stars,
talking about little things in life,

then just being one
in love together.

Steve Lee Siegel
August 3 2019


Author Notes
Having to be without my wife for a time
while she is taking a friend into Spokane WA., for cancer care.
I find that miss her vey much. But I know what she is doing
is God work in a few days it will be over so I wrote this for her.


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