- On A Highby Sanku
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free verse.
On A High by Sanku
Love, actually. writing prompt entry
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Sea gulls wheeled and screamed exultant
Surging waves hugged the sea
Spraying stardust in my eyes

And I am lifted! how I am lifted!

Sailing high, I met the haughty gulls
Smiling I told them how you and I
On summery winds, soared so high.

So high to touch the clouds
And they envied me.

Swooping down to the waves I splashed,
Softly and whispered that you and I
Sighed in pure pleasure.

So deep our sighs,
I am sure they turned green.

He will come again, I screamed to the elements
And we will dance on the gentle winds
And when he comes...
He will come...
Won't he..?

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about love. Any type or style.


Author Notes
Thank you very much, supergold for this superb photo.


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