- The Day I Made The Wrong Turnby poetsteve15
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The Day I Made The Wrong Turn by poetsteve15
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The Day I Made The Wrong Turn
As a young man I got lost on the roadway to hell,
I had taken the wrong turn to my sad regret,
I was about to fine myself walking in a wilderness,
I  just didn’t know how hard it would be; to be able to forget.
They would grow out horrors of that damn war,
 Memories that always seemed to grow up the brick walls,
With thorns so very sharp; they dug in so darn deep
To pierce this young man’s heart should I fall.
Those memories seem to just spread endlessly,
Until they were too far away to be seen,
However, as I bent down one day to study closer,
I found Jesus Christ nested there in between.
He was tucked under and beneath all that garbage,
The memories that I had long since forgotten;
Pieces of the proof that my lifetime was not a waste,
I wasn’t made of things that some thought was rotten.
This life of mine had been slowly growing,
God had plans for me alone; on the day I was born,
However, I almost lost sight of His strengths,
I sadly was only remembered my thorns.
As I stumble back to my own roadway,
I know there is more about Him to learn,
But, in world that is full things and my failing,
I  sure am glad of that day; I made that wrong turn.

                Steve Lee Siegel
                August 15, 2019


Author Notes
When I started this poem I had no idea where it would go,
I did know I was writing about my battles with PTSD.
This is one my longest ones let, But I had cut a lot out
so it would still be a poem. Yea I know no one likes black
and white.


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