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: Beware the Melted Faced Boy? by Ricky1024
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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of sexual content.
"Beware the Melted Face Boy?"
Written August 23rd, 2019
By Doctor Ricky 1024
Copywrite © Fanstory 2019
'All Rights Reserved'
Chapter Number One:
"The Torturing!"

"The Time period was 1893."
"Destiny was a tortured and young girl, practically still a child!"
"Living with a loving family."
(The father named Robert and mother named Rebecca)
"As the story goes, she would be bullied in school?"
"Of course."
"But, would escape the bullying at the place she loved so much the Glen."
(This was her special place of solitude)
"The Glen by the small pond which would speak to her?"
"And, this is where she took her many, many, secrets?"
"She truly believed in this place."
"Where she would lay on the Mossy Grass."
"And, dream of a day...
(As all little girls do)
"Of that day as she lay...
"That Cedar Glen...
"Where there's a tiny stream leading to a small pond and Mossy, Green, Grass...
"It was Autumn when after a particularly hard day in school."
"As the Story goes...
"That two, young, boys."
"Twelve and Thirteen."
(Named Paul and Patrick)
"Were the bullies!"
"Patrick first shared and showed attention to Destiny."
"But she shunned him away?"
"And, Patrick of course took this the wrong way!"
"At first?"
"It started with just little and minor things."
"Like name calling but soon progressed into more serious things?"
"Like hair pulling and spitting!"
"And, it was always the same two."
"And, as the story goes... Destiny had a very special love for God and Dolls"
"And, would be seen around the town of 'Cedar Glen.'
"Carrying her favorite...
(The Burned Faced Doll)
"And yes, as The Story goes...
"Fate and Destiny would soon become as if cultural...
"And, a corporate part in this very, terrible, plan to come?"


"Yes, they say that Destiny was the culprit but that nobody knew whether or not it was or wasn't true?"
"But Destiny knew!"
"Just as you awaken from a most Beautiful Dream?"
"You think all is well?"
(Theology 47.79)
"So, one fine day?"
"On her way down the trail to the Glen."
"That Special place of Mossy Grass."
"And Yes, the two nasty and cruel teasers named Patrick and Paul...
"These two boys had been following her after a particularly cruel and abusive day!"
"Yes, a day of teasing and Torturings in school!"
"Beyond imagination...
"Something so cruel and Inhumane?"
"The Plan was to now be launched!"
States Patrick.
"There's that little bitch with the 'Burned Face Doll!"
States Paul.
"Let's play a trick on her!"
Replies Patrick.
"And, I hate that little bitch!"
"So, on that day as Destiny would finally meet her Fate?"
"And, after she walked the path on to her safe place?"
"The two boys did too."
"And, of course the were following with their 'Evil Plan!'
"Once further down the trail and almost into the Glen, they confronted Destiny?"
"Hey you!"
"Yes, you with...
'The Burned Face Doll!"
"I got a present for you?"
States Patrick.
"As the boys approached, Destiny started to run!"
"But as she was running hard, she then tripped and dropped her doll!"
"Oh look the little bitch lost her little dolly?"
"We got a better present for you?"
Brags Patrick.
"Now, as the Story goes, the boy brought his present?"
"But first?"
"Patrick decided to have his own Special Fun?"
"And, raped the poor child!"
"And, the second Present?"
"Yes, a glass jug filled with some flammatory inhalant!"
"Oh, look Patrick the little bitch got dirty when she fell?"
"Yes, I see."
States Paul.
"Perhaps I should give her a bath?"
Wonders Patrick.
"Destiny starts to scream as if she knew already their 'Evil Plan?'
"With the glass jug raised high over his head, Patrick poured a generous amount of the flammatory substance all over Destiny!"
"Destiny, still screaming...
"Then the Heartless boy lit a wooden match and tossed it on top of her!"
"And, as all of this was happening?"
"Destiny's father Robert and mother Rebecca were approaching!"
He yells out.
"Please, Please, Please!"
"Don't do it!"
"I beg of you!"
"The Silence of the Lambs...
"And, on a day?"
"So cruel?"
"Will Destiny meet Fate?"
"But it's too late as the boys are now running away."
"And, happy that they worked out their Evil plan!"
"Robert and Rebbeca approached....
"And, after seeing their child literally burning alive!"
"And, because of the Dirty Deed."
"The father picked up his burning daughter's body and started to carry her towards the pond at the Glen."
"Distraught, and so obviously confused with grief, he placed her gently down and could continue no further?"
"Seeing this Rebecca, quickly ripped off a cloth from her apron skirt and soaked as she doused out the flames!"
"As she gently retrieved her daughter and only child,
"She then carefully wrapped her daughter's face with the cloth."
"And, carried the now unconscious child home to the Cabin in the Woods."

End of Chapter One.
"Beware the Melted Face Boy!"
Chapter Number Two:
"Destiny's Plan?"

"From the very beginning of the Fall of 1893."
"And, Destiny's original torturing!"
"The Story continues to the precious time of the Winter of 1908."
"Destiny is now a grown Woman and looking forward to her 27th birthday on December 30th, 1908."
"She still is in...
"A Virtual Solitude just a prisoner of her past regrets?"

"And, she prays for the day when she can return to her Blessed Glen."
"And, lay in the Green and
Mossy Grass?"
"However that thought never lasts."
"A time so long, long, ago...
"A time when she was sweet and innocent...
"And, as for now?"
"She is still quite Hideously Maligned and Terribly Disfigured!"
"She even still carries that doll?"
"The Boy With the Melted Face!"
"And, safely at home again."
"She plans a Secret Revenge!"
"And, No more will she go to sleep scared of the past Torturings!"


"It is the Winter of 1908 and both boys are grown men."
"Paul is still single and twenty eight."
"While Patrick Williams is expecting another child at age of almost thirty."
"Yes, married and expecting his second."
"Now many, many, strange occurrences have happened since that very, very, long time ago?"
"Yes, with Destiny's plight and fight to save what seemed her ruined Life!"
"Yes many, many, strange occurrence had happened and were still continuing to this very day!"
"Mysterious Things."
"Like Wolves howling in the daylight?"
"And, then there were the fires?"
"Yes, fires that appeared unexpectedly!"
"The residents of the town of 'Cedars Glen.'
"Started to believe that their little town was haunted!"
"And, yes but by one and only one responsible?"
"One and only one had now discovered a Very, Very, Special Gift?"
"A Gift to create Fire!"
"And, this is where Destiny's Plan begins!"
"Beware Thee Whom Sin!"

"Beware the Evil Boy With the Burned Face?"
Written August 24th, 2019
By Doctor Ricky 1024
Copywrite © Fanstory 1910
'All Rights Reserved'

Author Notes
Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
Fanstory and Tom the Administrator.
Fan Art Review, this Amazing Artist, as well as Writer,
'cleo 85' and her Incredible picture entitled...
"Fire and Ice"


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