- The Devils Power is Gone by misscookie
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The Devils Power is Gone by misscookie

I have walked in many shoes
down wrong paths I have chosen
Yet my feet do not hurts
my soul and heart is about to burst.

For the first time I felted remorse
is it time to pay the cost
Allow me please to confess
someone help me out of this mess.

Getting over on the young and old
harmed some kids i have been told.
How dare I be so heartless and bold
Lord have mercy on my soul.

Stealing or begging for quarters
from someone sons or daughters
Be I high or be I solder
Did my thing like commanding soldier.

Wonder how I got over
without a four leaf clovers
Using others was my thing
going to rehab, jail, did nothing.

My body is letting me down
as I used to be so fit.? 
Getting old is,pure.. Shit.
Got to get me some more crack.
Got to run and catch Jack

paying bucks for- a little hit
My mind turned off the switch
Fearing now to go to sleep,
knowing my sins are in a heap

Will He forgive my yesterday deeds
I surround my heart and soul to thee.
If it's your will, I'ill see tomorrow
leaving me with no sorrow.

Laying on the ground asleep
someone touched my dirty feet
He handed me a basket saying, "Here eat"
Slowly our eyes did meet.

With a half smile I gave thanks
No, Not to me I don't rank
His words only I could hear
" Let others, know you were once there."


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