- Success In Lifeby jaybird1
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We all search for it-sonnet
Success In Life by jaybird1

If money in the bank is what you crave,
remember, you can't take it to your grave.
If power, rank and fame becomes your goal,
then you may lose your heart and lose your soul.

If prestige is your aim until life ends,
then you might wind up losing all your friends.
Greed is the scourge that shadows us each day,
affecting all the things we do or say.

Success in life depends on how you live,
depends on what you do and what you give.
The friends you gain and keep along the way.
The harmony you share, day after day.

Let peace and joy attend your ev'ry need,
this way in life will bless you, if you heed.

September 11, 2019


Author Notes
Though we search for success, many of us
never find it.


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