- Could I Be Losing Youby jaybird1
This work has reached the exceptional level
Trying to rebuild a fading love
Could I Be Losing You by jaybird1

More than I could realize
you, dear one with flashing eyes

lifted me unto the skies,
before the fall.

What once was true is true no more,
since fate came in and closed the door
to your heart, now I stand poor,
against the wall.

Must my wounded heart now die,
when it needs to soar and fly
like an eagle, hear my cry,
my heart enthrall.

Could you love me, love me soon,
from the morn, til fullest moon
and make my life as bright as noon-
Please hear my call.




Author Notes
Love wins again. We married in 1986 and lived
happily until death claimed her in 2017.


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