- Pay Backby Mistydawn
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Jeremy faces his enemies.
Pushed Too Far
: Pay Back by Mistydawn

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
The crisp northern wind blusters through the dark forest blowing dead foliage all around. A bolt of lightning brightens the cloudy skies. Thunder soon follows.

Shaking his head, the boar snorts as he rises to his feet. He sniffs the air and discovers the smell of human blood all around him. He then sees his prey out cold beside him. The beast licks his chomps as he grunts. This is a well-deserved feast in the creature's eyes. The animal rips away Paul's clothes and then tears into his warm flesh. Blood spews across the predator's fur as he devours his meal.

A sharp, stabbing pain surges through every cell in Paul's body, jolting him awake. He glances down to find his leg is being torn to shreds. He lifts his opposite extremity and shoves the beast away.

Scrambling to his feet, Paul hobbles towards the road. Blood spews across the withered debris. Excruciating pain surges through every ounce of his body. He grits his teeth as he continues to the edge of the woods.

Losing his foothold, he tumbles to the ground. He discovers the beast is close behind. I'd rather go to prison than face him again, he thinks. Grabbing the sizable branch beside him, he uses it for leverage to rise to his feet. He straightens up to find the beast lunging for him. Paul wobbles out of the way.

The beast's head smashes against the trunk of the tree. He falls to the ground in a daze.

Paul staggers to the road and sees the cops are a distance away. They're never around when you need them. The creature growls as he stands. Frightened, Paul does a quick limp-splint towards them. Pain courses through every inch of his body as he hobbles on.

He looks back to discover the beast is mere inches away. I need to get their attention before it's too late. "Help me, please, someone help me," he cries.

A horn blares behind him. He turns to find a pickup barreling down the road. The truck swerves to the left. The beast's massive body collides with the edge of the bumper.

The boar flies towards him. Paul takes a quick step back. The creature's lifeless body flumps millimeters from his feet. It lifts his head one final time and snorts. "Rot in hell you demonic beast!" Paul draws back his leg and kicks him as hard as he can. Crippling pain rockets through him. His body folds; his legs grow weak. Paul drops to his knees. He teeters back and forth and then collapses across the wild beast.


A crisp northern wind whips through the quiet town. Large bolts of lightning flash through the sky. Jarring thunder soon follows. A few small puddles from the previous storm remains.

The cold wintery breeze bellows again. Shivering, Jeremy fastens Barry's jacket around himself before he continues. He's headed to the edge of town in search of Paul. He's hoping to release some of his hostility.

Jeremy's bottled emotions that have been lurking deep inside him for the past thirteen years are demanding to be released. They are a collection of torment and anguish, fed daily by his pent-up hatred and rage. It's a suffering Jeremy's hidden away for far too long.

Jeremy moves along from day to day pretending they don't bother him. In reality, their brutal insults, their heartless words eat away at the core of his being, his self-worth. Their constant torment leaves him feeling useless like he's a waste of space with no other purpose but to breathe and to torment the ones he holds dear to his heart.

So many nights he's cried himself to sleep, wishing he'd never been born, praying to God that he'd die.

He recalls his mother's devastation when the doctor told her he was ill. That the child she thought was her miracle baby wasn't a blessing after all.

He then remembers how she seldom left her bed for well over a month. The way she overcompensated for her neglect after. From that moment on, Jeremy felt like he was a disappointment to her no matter what he did.

So badly he wanted to tell her he knows he's not what she'd hoped for, but he's doing the best he can. Then beg her to accept him for who he is. Jeremy refrained from spouting off the well-practiced speech because he knows his harsh words would send her into a state of depression. And one of the few things he wanted from this world is for his mom to be happy.

My life may not amount to much, but Jessica's life does. So, I'm going to make sure Paul and his goons never hurt her again.

Jeremy feels this dark evilness stir inside him. It was a ruthless monster Paul and his gang has created with their venomous acts. I'm going to stop every one of them once and for all. He recalls his and Barry's conversation as he continues down the road.

Barry volunteered to help him take care of Paul. Jeremy thanked him for the offer and then quickly explained he needed to handle this on his own. The man seemed saddened by his refusal but said he understood. Why is he so determined to help me, and how does he know my name? I didn't tell him, did I? I didn't think I did.

He's replaying their initial conversation in his mind when a vehicle pulls up alongside him. Jeremy turns to find Jeff in the driver's seat.

"Hey, Ape-man." With a lot of quick talking, Jeff was able to convince his pal that they had to do something with Jeremy, Jessica, and the old man. Otherwise, they'll all end up in jail. "No witnesses, no case," he explained. After hours of searching as a pair, they decided to split up so they could cover more ground.

The car pulls to the side of the road. Jeff starts to climb out.

Jeremy anxiously glances towards town. I can't shoot him here. Jeremy sprints down the street. The vehicle follows. Jeremy takes off in a dead run. Water soaks through his tennis shoes, making it hard for him to jog. Jeff's car swerves in front of him. Jeremy jumps back. His left foot slides off the slick pavement; he plummets to the ground. A small revolver falls from the jacket. Jeremy looks towards town again. I wish I could use it, but I can't. He shoves the gun in his pocket as he springs to his feet. Jeremy puffs out his chest as he straightens up. I'm ready for you this time.

"Your buddy ain't around to save you, monkey-man." Jeff pushes him.

Jeremy pushes back "The one that needs to be saved is you."

Jeff chuckles "Is that so?" He pushes him again, harder than before.

"Damn straight it is. You've messed with me one too many times. I'm going to make sure it all ends right here, right now."

"Oh, yeah, so what are you going to do about it, pussy, huh, what?" Jeff grabs his shirt and slings him against the car. "Just what I thought. You talk tough but you're too big of a wimp to back it up."

Jessica's battered face flashes through Jeremy's mind. I'll show you pussy, punk. Using both hands, he flips his enemy around. Jeff's head plunks against the hood. Jeremy lifts him up and then shoves him down. Jeff's head whacks the vehicle again.

Jeremy leans over his enemy. Fire shoots from his eyes as he says through gritted teeth. "You've picked the wrong day to fuck with me, ass wipe." He punches Jeff. His nose falls sideways; his head smacks the hood.

Jeremy grabs him by the collar and lifts him to his feet. "That was just a warmup." Jeremy swings a right hook. This is followed by a left and then an uppercut. Blood spews from Jeff's face as he teeters back and forth. Jeremy does a final right hook. Jeff collapses against the car. His unconscious body slides to the ground.

Leaning over, Jeremy punches him again and again. Jeff's head pings off the bumper. "You made my life a living hell, Jeff, but no more. Do you hear me, Jeff? I ain't taken yours or anyone else's shit anymore."

Jeff's limp body falls sideways. Jeremy watches his victim lying motionless on the ground. "One down, five to go." He smiles.

Jeremy starts to walk away when another thought comes to mind. He grabs a handful of hair and pulls his adversary to his feet.  "I think you and I need to take a ride." Taking the keys from Jeff's pocket Jeremey opens the trunk.

Author Notes
I want to apologize for the violence and to explain that I didn't have much choice. See, Jeremy refused to speak to me until I agreed to a fight. I have to keep my main character happy, right?
PS. Don't worry, I know he's fictional, made up but he seems so realistic in my head.


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