- Secret Investigations by Bill Schott
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Kontroz continues investigations
Assassin Nation
: Secret Investigations by Bill Schott

Red Appleton, President of the United States
Jason Marr, Vice President of the Senate
Connie Highland, Senate Majority Leader
Samantha Anthra, Chief of Staff to President Appleton
Manuel Kontroz, Assistant to the President
Ben Baker, aka Butcher of Baghdad aka Bobby Do, assassin
C. C. Connor, former Chief of Staff to President Sullivan
Millie Manowitz, twin sister of C.C. Connor

End of the last regular chapter:

As Ben Baker utters a few words, they are only recognizable as noise when the Congresswoman from California sees Samantha Anthra coming out of an elevator at the far end of the hallway. 

"The VP was unsure if your first name was Mildred or Milicent, since it is listed as Millie," said Baker.

"It's Milliliter."

The young woman walks down the hall, unaware that she is being observed, until she reaches Baker and sees the politician who had been blocked from her view.

"Hi, Sam," said Manowitz, smiling.

Samantha Anthra stares at the woman for a second.  "Mother?"

Manuel Kontroz sat on his cot and pondered all that he had been researching. Moving mentally into a zen state, he called upon his guru, Guninder. 

"Guninder, my investigation at the training area has led to my declaring Ben Baker deceased, but his return has not been explained. 

If you have identified the corpse as Baker, then you have matched only what is recorded as Ben Baker's identity.  Common sense dictates that either the corpse is Baker, and the records are correct, or the records have been aligned to match whomever the unrecognizable body is supposed to be representing."

"So Baker is NOT alive and the body left at the training area was indeed his. The man who is now accepted as Baker, and always has been, is obviously a deep state sleeper who is essential to some ungoing and clandestine operation.  Both Connor's and Baker's survival have not been explained. Their return to the White House has been accepted and made to seem business as usual."

Your memory of the visual record from the aircraft, which brought the female survivor from the training area, shows two men, both known to you and whom are associated with the Senate Majority Leader, Connie Highland. Following that connection, she would have wanted the survivor silenced only because she already knew what this person knew."

"Now I know that Manowitz and Anthra are mother and daughter. The Congresswoman's maiden name had been Connor, a likely relative of C.C. Connor. Her age and Connor's are the same, and therefore likely twins. That would explain, as best as genes can explain anything, why she is so obviously vital and youthful for a person in her seventies."

"Since all of the physical evidence you have seen has been eradicated, whatever exists serves only you. No one else is looking for answers. They know the answers and are not sharing. Something huge and highly classified is being undertaken. The President of the United States and everyone connected to him is in on whatever it is. It is of a global nature and will likely be initiated soon. Your curiousity will only be seen as a reason to eliminate you."

Kontroz leaves his zen state and stands. Walking to the mirror he stares at himself.  At his feet he sees a six inch length of two-by-four left from from some work project. Picking it up, he raises it to his chest and holds it with both hands.  Losing all expression in his face, his hands clench the piece of wood and it snaps in half.  Staring again at his face in the mirror, he smiles and whispers, 

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also -- I am known."


Author Notes
I Corinthians 13:12

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