- Being me is a full-time jobby Sasha
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I am too old to have this much chaos
Being me is a full-time job by Sasha

Those of you who have read this prologue before can skip it and go straight to the story below the blue asterisk.

This is another Smurphy Ramble. For those of you who do not know what a Ramble is, here is a not-so-brief description. A Ramble is just that, a ramble. Merriam Webster defines 'ramble' as talking or writing in a desultory or long-winded wandering fashion, excessively and/or in an incoherently or a meaninglessly and repetitious manner. Please note, my rambles are often pointless, filled with worn out clich�©s and long winded sentences that occasionally lead nowhere. In addition, end of sentence prepositions is no longer considered poor English (Google it, you will learn I am right.) Also, please note fragmented sentences are necessary in my Rambles, so just deal with it. Think of us as sitting at an outside caf�©, so no complaints about there not being enough dialogue in this post. Since I am doing all the talking, it is all dialogue. Keeping this in mind, shall we begin? There have been a few comments on my Rambles not having any social commentary -- if you want social commentary, I recommend going to CNN Online. I am using bold print because I cannot see the print without it.
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My friend Linda may mean well, but she is literally driving me crazy. I spent far too many hours this week trying to update my information with Social Security. I even tried calling them from Mazatlan. When my call got through it told me I was number 809 in line and they would get to me as soon as possible.

They even calculated how long I would be on hold, telling me it would be at least an hour-and-a-half. Please remember I only have my smartphone and feared I would run out of minutes before they responded. I finally got through and I told the man on the line I wanted to update my personal information. He took the information and told me they would send me a confirmation email within a few days.

Linda had called me several times a day to ask if SSI has contacted me yet. She sent me an old update info form and had me fill it out so Agustin and Veronica could mail it to the home office in the US.

Every time she calls me she yells at me which makes me yell back at her. She eventually calms down and she calls to apologize. I dread my phone ringing, especially when it identifies the call is coming from Linda.

Why she is so darn concerned about my SSI is a mystery to me. She now insists I contact them and tell them I filled out the form and sent it to them. Since I got an email from them saying they received the update she has now stepped in and tells me I need to talk to them again.

There is no way I am going to call them on my smartphone and get put on another one-and-a-half hour hold to tell them what they already know.

I have filled out all the forms and spoken to them on the phone so I feel I am done, but she INSISTS I continue to contact them. She is now putting a letter together for me to send to them in an email... I really want to tell her to stop bothering me but she is a good friend who is only looking out for my best interest. I guess going crazy is something I am destined for and only hope I don't have another stroke, or possibly a heart attack which reminds me I need my heart medication refilled this week.

I am still confused about where I am and how to get to the store. Veronica has been very helpful and I try not to send her or Agustin to the store more than is necessary. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get lost here. I have to be very careful not to make the wrong turn and end up somewhere I don't want to be.

I still do not speak very good Spanish and most of my neighbors don't speak English. Linda told me to stop trying because I will never learn Spanish. Not particularly supportive but I don't pay any attention to her when she says things like that. I am working very hard to learn the language and have improved significantly the past few months.

While writing this, Linda called me several times and I finally was able to send the letter she insisted I had to send. Apparently she was concerned that since mail is so slow from here that they may not have gotten the update in time that Agustin and Veronica mailed and assume I am dead.

I know she means well but I am just too old to be hassled constantly.

Veronica just stopped by and brought me my dinner. I am definitely getting spoiled. Being spoiled is great too.

I am getting tired and just emailed Linda that I am going to charge my phone which means I will be turning it off. It takes a couple of hours to charge and I will enjoy the silence.

Good night and have a nice sleep.


Author Notes
I am too old to deal with so much unnecessary chaos and I am only74 but sometimes feel like I am 90.


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