- The Rainbow's Purpleby Barb Hensongispsaca
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2019 part 4
: The Rainbow's Purple by Barb Hensongispsaca

Looking at the royal majesty
of the rainbow's purple,
we see a rich, powerful
color of hope and faith.

Looking deeper into the color
as it shines from its perch on high,
we see more than one hue -
many shades of promise.

Looking beyond the basic color,
we can watch it shimmer ...
a kaleidoscope of passion,
one blending into another.

Looking beyond consciousness,
we can feel the bleeding
of our ancient ancestors
as they died for their faith.

Looking deep inside ourselves,
we can feel the protection
of the Creator of Life
draping peace over us.

Author Notes
Of all the colors God has allowed us to separate from lighter to darker hues of a chosen color, purple seems to be the most majestic. By the way, it is my favorite color.

This is my response to the free verse poem challenge on the color purple


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