- Bouquetsby Marilyn Lou Berry
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A sonnet comparing flowers and love
Bouquets by Marilyn Lou Berry
Sonnet Poetry Contest contest entry
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With joy and cheer on high the angels chose
To represent a lover's precious love
With spray of lilac, scented golden rose
And painted buds and petals flown by dove.

Each bud of color, true and bright, and bold
As all impassioned lovers tend to be
And led by passion, bleeding hearts of gold,
No longer saying I, but us and we.

With heaven's blessings, angels' kisses flow
So buds and blossoms bloom and thrive en force.
Through song and dance, though love does surely grow,
Bouquets and love will turn a tragic course.

For flowers, one day, wither, wilt, and die.
And lovers, too, must one day say good-bye.


Author Notes
My first sonnet EVER. Was exhausting, but fun.


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