- Farewell, Bastby LIJ Red
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animal crackers story
Farewell, Bast by LIJ Red

The cold front swept across the foggy northern islands and the land that would someday be Gaul. It kicked up whitecaps on the Great Sea, crossed the coastline where Joppa would stand, and plummeted into the Great Rift, lashing the Lake Gennesaret into choppy spindrift. Noah's Folly bucked and creaked against the crude wharf. Her sea trials completed and her cargo loaded, she awaited the further commands of Noah's faceless and formless Deity. The seven animals of each kosher species and the pair of each unclean species were alarmed by the winds that wailed around the awkward corners of the huge, ungainly ark. The heaving of the gopherwood deck upset the beasts, and the air was full of bleats, bawls, howls, and the reek of dung. 

Near one end of the tall superstructure, the two Basties, immigrants from what would be Egypt, those most developed of all the animal brains, cowered in the chill, misty wind and muttered. They gripped the rail with paws more like the hands of raccoons than those of the housecats they strongly resembled.

The female of the two wrinkled her nose at the stench, and meowed, "Fie on this, spouse. Let's be off to the warm golden sands of home!"

The male eyed the frazzled bulk of the bow line, knotted about a cleat nearby. "No poop, gal. Let's kiss this bedlam bye-bye."

The clouds broke, and the huge comet(all that H2 and O) lit up the midnight sky like a vast, glowing brushstroke. The Basties walked carefully down the thick rope, which went tight and slack as the ark rolled, and vanished into the darkness.

The clouds closed ranks and the first specks of drizzle began to fall.


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