- Aliceby Colin John
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My Nans picture re-born
Alice by Colin John

Born 1885
This is Alice, when she was sixteen and free,
from Londons east end, a cockney you see,
she hangs on my wall in a black and white pose,
then I painted her in color with pink on her nose.

She is my Nan, and we were always so close,
she was older then, seventy-five I suppose,
she always had a hug and gave me good advice,
for an 8-year-old this was precious, in my life.

Now, I guessed on the colors, blue satin is divine,
I think your eyes were blue, and you look just fine,
the hair pin color could be wrong! but it goes with the rest,
I gave you some flowers so you would not laugh at me in jest.

Author Notes
She really encouraged me in the 70s when I won a craft pen for a sketch book competition in my local borough, then she said enter in the London competition and it came third. This is for you Nan.


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