- When We Are Oneby Raffaelina Lowcock
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The Message of Endearment without romantic words.
When We Are One by Raffaelina Lowcock
Love Poem writing prompt entry
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We meet after waiting forever
To bare the way that we feel
The look in our eyes for each other
As we see what we now will reveal

So much to be said so I'll say it
Before it escapes from my mind
No need to go slow, bit by bit
The words will just tumble I find

Now that the secret's not hidden
It is just the plain truth divine
The door for tomorrow is bidden
And I'll cherish forever, you're mine

Writing Prompt
Write a love poem without using the words love, kiss, romance, soul,heart,boyfriend, girlfriend, husband wife or sexual terms.

Author Notes
Without the accouterments of all the romantic words, there is still a path that can be followed.


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