- The Poetic Diary - Entry 27by the13thpoet
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Some of my daily thoughts in poetic form
The Poetic Diary - Entry 27 by the13thpoet

Today I thought I saw your face
But it was just a dream
And though it feels so real
Things are not always what they seem
It's become painfully obvious
And I've begun to realize
That the only time I see you
Is when I close my eyes
So I think I'll close them now
Just to see your smile
I suggest you don't wait up
Cause this may take a while.

I Miss You!

Author Notes
I have been writing poetry since the age of thirteen. What started out as a homework assignment turned into an undiscovered talent. From that moment on until the present, I have been writing poetry on and off, whenever the mood struck me. On August 30, 2007 I had an idea to challenge myself to write something every day. So for the next two months or so I began to write down some of my daily thoughts in poetic form thus, the Poetic Diary was born.


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