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Buying Local by djeckert

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.

Should we "buy" everything local?

Sure, buying local is a great America supporting, and small business supporting thing to do.
But Luciferians "love" to control and ultimately run the following, lucrative particular "local" businesses:

Thank goodness for the local economy. Who says there aren't any good local jobs out there? Here's the top 5 great local jobs you can apply for right now. (So say the Luciferians.)

**** note****
If anyone reading this write happens to work at any of these jobs, (And yes, I know that we are ALL victims of them, to one extent or another.) I am in no way casting any aspersion against them. Nor, am I calling them Luciferians. The Luciferian shit runs down, from the top of the proverbial hill. This is solely for information and enlightenment purposes only. So, if you don't believe anything that I May say, please, please!, check out the links I provide.

Job #1) Stocking and selling Asian slave goods at the local Chinese factory outlets. Can you say" let's all work off the clock, it's fer amerika."

Job #2) Maiming and even killing unsuspecting victims at the local outpatient clinic and/ or inpatient hospital. Can you say, "Got vaccines?" Or, "Got chemo?"... It does a body good! . "Or, "Oops! Was I supposed to remove your other left kidney?"

Job #3) Slowly killing unsuspecting Mcvictims at the local fast-food chain. Can you say, "What!, I can't even pronounce what my nuggets are made of?"
It's what's fer dinner.

Job #4) Brainwashing and dumbing down our children at our local skoolyard. Can you say, "Common Core Curricula?" Now that's what we can call cool alitteralzation.

Job #5) If your fortunate enough to have a gladiatorial
arena in your town, you can work supporting the bread and circus, while your local serfs worship and cheer their favorite gladiators. Can you say, " Nero watched the NFL while Rome burned."?

If the Luciferians get their way, (And their long term plans come to fruition) there will be a number of other, great local jobs coming in the future... like installing barbed wire fencing, spying, snitching on yer neighbor for cash rewards, or the arresting and surveilling of people who don't like their new jobs. (Just to name a few.)

Remember now, if your going to apply for one of these jobs, always bring your social security card, your government issued national I.d card and two more forms of I.d ; unless, of course, you just have a green card. Well, if you don't have that, just maybe a made up social security number will work just fine as well. Hey, we could ALL maybe turn the tables on those Luciferians, and let THEM buy US, and our vote. Then, we could probably even proceed to definitely secure our employment.


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