- To Boldly Nicole Hawley
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Have faith in the woman who follows after the storm
To Boldly Go... by Nicole Hawley

In my head...
He said, "I understand why she did, what she did."
But do you?
Do you really know?
Truth is I had to learn to understand it myself.
Yes, I needed to move on.
And that was one way of doing it.
But I also could not allow you to dominate;
To come back when you felt fit, and think that was OK.
That how you fell silent in my angst was acceptable action.
Warned before how I'd been such a great enabler.
Always put you upon pedestal where so much better was expected.
What would have become of me if I kept you open to enjambment?
Then it would be left to you to leave your final punctuation,
Or forever float away, as you did, like lost message in glass bottle.
Served way too many hours blaming me for what was done.
Honestly at the time, the decision made was the only one.
If I was busy building an impressive image for this world to see,
Then if I threw you the reins, what would it have said of me?
"The past can provide important clues about future possibilities,
but don't be fooled into believing it can write your story."
Oracle went on to say, an event that transpires today, can send an important message.
That the "inherent power" of my volition was birthed from the core of my intuition.
See, whether others ever welcome it or not, your spirit meant to draft its own plot.
While piloting this journey you've made discoveries about your own start.
New self-knowledge and wisdom allows you to move forward with wiser heart.
As that bottle keeps floating on have faith, pioneer, in steering your own destiny and fate.
While you cannot control the past or others' thoughts, be proud of the life you now create.


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