- Scene at a Christmas Shop 2by Bill Schott
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a one scene script with Pons and Ned
Scene at a Christmas Shop 2 by Bill Schott
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Scene continues in a huge Christmas-themed store. Pons and Ned have seen Santa and Ned now has a magic balloon.

Ned: Hey, Pons.  Think I oughta give this magic balloon to Maw fer Christmas?

Pons: Great idea, Ned.  What magic could Aunt Natalie need?

Ned: Might git her hair ta grow back in. Maybe her hurt hip might git fixed.

Pons: Sure, Ned. She may just feel better knowing you care enough to give her your magic balloon.

Ned: Yeah. I 'member she once apared me ta Jack. Ya know? The kid what had the talkin' beans. 

Pons: Oh, I see. Jack and the beans -- talk.

Ned: Righto. She said I was like Jack. He traded a old cow fer some magic beans.  I never heard 'em talkin' though.

Pons: They grew into a giant bean stalk though; right?

Ned: Kind of a bean tree, Pons. He climbpt it acourse; who wouldn't?

Pons: Sure. Then he met the giant.

Ned: He met a giant?  I thunk he got a job in the factry an' sent his maw his checks?

Pons: I guess that happened too.

Ned: Anyways, I figured that meant Jack were a hero and that was how she felt about me.

Stepping up from behind comes Ned and Pons' cousin Red. 

Red: Couldn't help hearing your fascinating story about dumb old Jack.

Pons: Bye Red. Nice to see you go.

Ned: Jack weren't dumb, Red. He were the hero what --

Red: He was a fool who traded a valuable farm animal for three beans. The story clearly labels Jack as a dimwit.

Ned stared at Red for a few seconds and said nothing. Then he stared at Pons, who couldn't speak.

Ned:  I remind Maw a Jack.  He turned and walked away from the other two. After a few steps, he let the balloon go.

To be continued...


Author Notes
Thanks to VMarguarite for use of the image.


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