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True story flash
They Still Wait... by Sanku
True Story Flash contest entry

Two good samaritans took the tramp in a taxi to the nearby hospital.They had followed the taxi running behind it. But they had been stopped at the gate by the sentry. Three days later they were still there waiting eagerly for him to come back. The pieces of bread thrown at them were left untouched.
The sentry thought of his own son who never bothered to visit his ailing mother. These dogs surely have more attachment than humans. He sighed and looked at them with wet do I make them understand that their master is dead?


Author Notes
A month back, in a local newsletter, there was a picture of four dogs waiting in front of a hospital gate. They had followed a homeless man who was found unconscious at a bus shelter.The watchmen tried to shoo them off but they would come back..
Thank you very much GaliaG for the picture
I could not get a picture with four dogs..
I hand counted them and it was 99 words.


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