- The curse of the snakeby djeckert
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Christian theology/prophecy quickly illustrated
The curse of the snake by djeckert
Rhyming Poetry Contest contest entry

Satan, being the GARDEN snake that he is,
not only does he want to devour mankind's eternal souls...

But Satan being the Charming snake that he is, desires to swallow up humanity whole.

He encircles the earth patiently,
rattling his cursed tale.
Enchanting us with everything that his own tale can regale

That rattling, enchanting sound throughout time, it sings it's deadly song
his prey unwittingly enchanted by it, as if there's nothing wrong

he slithers, we blither
he rattles, we prattle
slither, blither, rattle, prattle
slither ,blither, rattle, prattle!

The rattle of diversion abounds
The rattle of entertainment is it's sound

The rattle of useless baubles, it smarms
The rattle of materialism is it's charm

The rattle of soul searing conscience sedates
The rattle of pharmakia's seduction reverberates

The rattle of hopelessness, it drones on
The rattle of delusion and illusion is it's song

The rattle of helplessness begins
The rattle of tyrany and poverty is it's din

The earth under the snake's belly begins to shake and violently thunder
Reminding him of the cause
of his OWN prideful, defiant blunder
That has eternally set that lowly serpent unredeemably asunder
So he continues rattling his tale with his attempted eternal plunder

to most gloriously loudly THUNDER!!

Slithering even closer, the snake opens up its ravenous mouth wide
On humanity he is hopeful to himself, in his own glory, soon imbibe

BUT, Like a fairy tale,
upon a white horse
does the SAVIOR...
a snake -slaying Knight, valiantly ride!

Only THIS time, to gather up for Himself HIS UN-enchanted Bride!
She's sinless, and unblemished by the blood that HE earlier, gracefully shed!
After picking her up, HE stomps upon the lowly snake's cursed head!...

The curse of the garden is reversed,
on the resurrected Earth...
where evil no longer preys,
but mankind's chronic groaning turns into eternal glorious praise!

Author Notes
Inspired by the old adage that the rattle snake enchants his prey before
attacking and eating it.

I purposely spelled Satan's rattling tail as a " tale" , being that he wasn't a rattle snake or even a snake...but a serpent who tells lots of "tales"...or lies.


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