- Trill of a Lifetime: 20 Birdsby CrystieCookie999
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List poem of 20 bird species at Bear River Migratory Refuge
Trill of a Lifetime: 20 Birds by CrystieCookie999
    20 Item List Poem Contest Winner 

Hear black-capped chickadees' distinctive call;
see cardinals in regal crests and capes.
Duck leads her ducklings to a swimming cove;
an eyerie keeps young eaglets out of scrapes.

One falcon, perched, prepares to dive and pounce;
goldfinches flit like promise of sky's gold.
Nearby, the whisper-whirr of hummingbirds
greets ibis--always whitened, wise, and old.

Blue jays are jaunty, cheerful in the sun
above kingfishers, keen to fish all day.
Hear larks, content to sing in silver song,
while magpies taunt and mock—it's just their way.

Nuthatches nip and nick some berries, seeds
while western screech owls slice the air with sound.
See mountain plovers run on grass and soil
as quail hide out, to guard their secret ground.

Big ravens strut and scold, bravado-brash,
as sparrows share their cheerfulness—all brown.
A titmouse—golden-faced—greets everyone;
a cedar waxwing preens a bit of down.
With birds to fill the world with wondrous song,
one cannot stay depressed for very long!

20 Item List Poem
Contest Winner

Author Notes
Inspired by North American birds in Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, but the biggest variety of birds is found in the Bear River Migratory Refuge in the Tremonton/Brigham City area of northern Utah.
I just noticed 'screech owls' got fixed by Word to say 'screen owls.' Hope I changed it back in time to impress readers!


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