- Entering the election seasonby djeckert
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It's time for your immunizations
Entering the election season by djeckert

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
A Capitol affliction -

Beware the coming election season... Time to make sure you get your immunization. Remember, we need to educate*, NOT vaccinate.

The most common Symptoms of Senatetosis:

IF You speak quite well, while selling us Hell.

IF Your ass is owned, while your spine is de-boned.

IF You empty the common man's pocket, while YOUR bank account rockets .

IF you have no shame,
But can dish out the blame

IF You sell off your soul, because re-election is your goal.

IF Donors give YOU many offers, to fill up THEIR coffers,

IF You tow the party line,
to keep sipping fine wine.

IF the constituents you make better, you can spell with three letters

IF You can say pretty things and pray that the canary never sings.

IF you get all of your cash
from the lobbyist trash

IF you aspire for more
While being a whore

IF Your ass is on the line, still you talk out of it just fine

IF You increase the national debt while taking side bets.

IF You bow down to despots
who give us no respite

IF You have an 'R' next to your name , but a 'D' would do just the same

IF You pretend our vote matters, but know its a myth that YOU'LL never wanna shatter.

IF You laugh your way to the bank, in your apathy built tank.

IF you can duck from an issue
While donning a tissue

IF You're the best politician that dirty money can buy,
and you can sever clean,
your conscience with ease ...

Unfortunately (for US)
you have Senatetosis, the DEADLIEST form of politician's disease!

Author Notes
A pre- immunization prepatory step, starts with killing off the heavily censored and manipulated search engine bug called "Google" , and replacing your search engine with one the likes of 'Duck duck go", or 'Bling' or ' Start page' , to name a few. AND THEN, and ONLY then searching some of these educators that are fighting, "Senateosis" and all forms of politicians disease:

Dave Hodges, Paul McGuire, Doug Hagmann, Mike Adams ( The Health Ranger), Stefan Molyneux, Michael Snyder, Ted Broer, Russ Dizdar, Michael Lake, Kris Anne Hall, Dr. Stan Monteith, David Knight, Owen Shroyer, Pastor Butch Paugh, Jon Rappaport, Clyde Lewis, Tom Pappert, Katherine Albrecht, Catherine Austin Fitts, James Corbett or the big Kahuna... Alex Jones, to name just a few of the probably hundreds of VERY brilliant, educated, courageous, immunizing people.

As long as your at it, kill the U tube bug and replace it with or


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