- Letters from a runaway (pt.2)by the13thpoet
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Letter to mom and dad
Letters from a runaway (pt.2) by the13thpoet

Dear mom and dad
I have so much more to say
I remember the day I left
Like it was yesterday

Dad sent us on a mission
It doesn't matter what it entailed
But we all knew what would happen
If the mission failed

We searched and searched but didn't find
What dad told us to
And you had somewhere to go
So what did you do?

You told me to go upstairs
Though the mission wasn't completed
And I knew my butt was on the line
And he would surely beat it

Scared to death I walked back to
Our ghetto high-rise
And wondered if you even noticed
The fear that was in my eyes

I didn't know what to do
As I stood there in the lobby
So stalling and pacing the floor
Became my new hobby

I had stalled for so long
That you came back from where you went
And instead of comforting me
You reinforced the punishment I would get

You got on the elevator and said "come on"
So I could face my fate
But before the door had fully closed
I got off and ran before it was too late

I found myself wandering around
Not knowing who I could trust
Eventually I ended up downtown
And I got on a bus

I sat there quietly as people just stared
But I dare not open my mouth
I just prayed this nightmare would end
Once I got to grandma's house

To be continued...


Author Notes
If you haven't read part one please do! It may be a hard read but it was a hard life and a hard write. Thank you for your time!

This is the most personal I have ever been in my writing/poetry. It has been a long time coming. I guess for me what didn't kill me made me stronger. I don't know what else to say...


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