- A Poet Isby Diana L Crawford
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A free verse poem...
A Poet Is by Diana L Crawford
    Free Verse Poem Contest Contest Winner 

A poet is one who
draws from emotions,
delivering passionate words
that intoxicate another's soul.

A poet is one who
extracts from experience,
giving struggle, pain and
human issues a voice.

A poet is one who
burns the midnight oil,
reaching for inspiration
and transforming it into verse.

A poet is one who
uses their imagination,
creating fantasy worlds
where others may go to dream.

A poet is one who
discerns with compassion,
expressing true wisdom to
a lonely, suffering world.

Thank you, dear poet,
for sharing with mankind
your gift of expression and 
secret well of unique talent.

Free Verse Poem Contest
Contest Winner

Author Notes
Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words...Robert Frost


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