- Egyptians, Romans, and Jewsby LittleIrishman
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Egyptians, Romans, and Jews by LittleIrishman

It is interesting to compare the Jews, and Judaism, in Egyptian times, compared to Roman times.

In Egypt, Moses, through God, brought the plagues of locusts, bloody red waters, and the first-born of Egyptians to die. Then, to complete these miracles and showings of God's skill and power, Moses parted the Red Sea to allow the Jews to cross, and after the Egyptians to follow and drown.

After showing Egypt's so-called gods to be of no help, these miracles for the Jews were the initial makings of Judaism in Egypt.

Rome was similar to Egypt, ruling ruthlessly and powerfully, being at the time the most successful and feared race on Earth.

Yet where Egyptians had the miracles of God directly shown to them through one man in Moses, the Romans were indirectly overturned by one man in Lord Jesus Christ, his followers, his teachings, healings, and miracles, and the birth and rise of Christianity. Who would have thought one person in Moses and Jesus Christ could greatly influence such an Egyptian and Roman empire.

Then again, Jesus Christ dubbed himself as the Jews proclaimed Prophet- Messiah, while Moses was just a great prophet among the Jews. This was the sour-point for the Jews with Jesus compared to Moses.

Some Jews, and people in general, could have asked why God did not bring plagues and miracles on Rome, like Egypt, i.e. use power to fight power. It had been so long since the Jews had overcome the Egyptians, and surely the Romans would have remembered or been reminded of this at some point.

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I recently watched epic religious films, 'Ben Hur', and 'The Ten Commandments'.


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