- Races Reunitedby dragonpoet
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Races Reunited by dragonpoet

Where are the elves?
They're underhill?
Will the reace ever reappear
To bring us cheer
Or let themselves
Be oh so chill
And let us delve

With them and dwarves
In the Fey Lands
To learn each others tongues and ways
Bring better days
To both our clans
Share ports and wharves

So all flourish
ANd are nourished
By shared knowledge ane we find out
We're all about
Becoming friends
In worlds we tend
'Til our times end

Author Notes
Form rules
3 stanzas 7 lines 6 lines 7 lines
Rhyme scheme abccaba deffed gghhiii
Indentation or lack there of is also part of the format.

Thank you to cohoyo1 for use of the artwork
This is the closest I could come to and elf or dwarf. The King of Fairies.


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