- The Man Who Once Mike Stevens
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The Man Who Once Was... by Mike Stevens

There once was an idiot who stared at the sun,
Trying to find common sense, for he had none

They're once was an idiot and he's still in power,
Tweeting moronic, third-grade-level thinking by the hour

There once was a con man who started a cult
A brain no bigger than an eight year old's, as an adult

There once was our leader who only led forty percent,
The rest of us were left while our anger ferments

There once was a president who made money
From the office WHILE in office, and that ain't funny

Conflict of interest was beyond his limited thinking,
Screamed how good we're doing while we were sinking

There once was a president who put the blame on others,
Who like an immature child, ranked on people's mothers

There once, and is, a president who was an embarrassment,
Who insisted he doesn't know WHERE our democracy went


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