- Touching The Skyby jaybird1
This work has reached the exceptional level
Allegorical, ethereal and spiritual
Touching The Sky by jaybird1

When I was young, just a small lad 
I often longed and wished to try
to climb the hills beyond my home
and touch the cloudy, starlit sky.

With many trips, on many hills,
efforts to touch were all in vain.
The sky remained beyond my reach,
and trying brought so little gain.

When manhood called I yearned to write.
Po'etry gave me extreme high.
It lifted me til I could touch,
reach and touch that amazing sky.

Now, In my last, long years on earth,
touching the sky may soon rebirth.



Author Notes
In reality we can not touch the sky
but, poetry always lifted me to cloud
nine, where the sky is the limit and Heaven
is on the way.


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