- Counting Mountainsby Flyaway1
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The cost of the climb
Counting Mountains by Flyaway1

There is never just one
mountain to climb.
Each mountain is followed by the next.
I am weary of the hard places.
There is no rest-
no walking out of my life.

I have lost count of
the mountains- maybe a
hundred or more.
I have fought to just
breathe in my struggle
to reach the top.
Scars cover my soul,
bearing record of where
I have been.

I am tired and growing old.
I wonder if the mountain before me will be my last.
Where is the purpose?
The accounting of my toil
seems insignificant.
From the top, all I see is the
horizon stretching out before me with no end.
An illusion of a place, where the sky reaches out to touch the land.

The mountain before me looks impossible and insurmountable.
My old eyes can barely see the top.
I believe that I can not take another step, but the mountain calls me out.
I hear my name, stunned
that I have been seen and found.

Why did I doubt?
God was with me and walked with me up every mountain.
Tears blur my sight, knowing that God has given me the faith that will carry
me through to the end.
Heaven is waiting - stretched out in every direction for-


Author Notes
I am about turning 60 this year, actually in a couple weeks. I work with a therapist that challenged me to not escape into my dream world- but, instead start thinking of heaven as my most beautiful place. It has taken time to change my perspective. My view of heaven was based on the idea of a small church, with sermons that put me to sleep. I wrote this not only out of some hard circumstances of my life, but out of wonder that heaven has grown into this beautiful, glorious, place that has no boundaries in my mind. More wondrous still is that I have been given an invitation to eternity.


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