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early morning sunrise
Today by Patty Palmer
Rhyming Poetry Contest contest entry

I'm up in the morning
While everyone's asleep.
It's my little secret
That to myself I keep.

I make my cup of coffee
One sweetener, no cream.
I sit down with the paper
Ahhhh, silence is my dream.

The headlines make me crazy
The world is going mad
Violence is raging
It makes me feel so sad.

I watch the morning sunrise
From the deck in my back yard.
It's a beautiful sight to see
As a picture on a Hallmark card!

The birds are sweetly chirping
Greeting their friends, good day
The squirrels chasing each other
Across the yard, they play.

The kittens meow for their food
It's time they break their fast.
I help the little runt because
If not he's always last.

The sun is brightly shining
It's a great day to be alive!
The rest of the house is up
Today's finally arrived!

Author Notes
Getting up early gives me some time to be me!


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