- Facing Acceptanceby jaybird1
This work has reached the exceptional level
Trying to face our mortality
Facing Acceptance by jaybird1

I could not face the fact that you would die
and turned from you because I could not face
mortality. I went my way to cry.
My saddened heart sank in despair, disgrace.

I should, and did know troubles you went through,
the grief, the sorrow, sadness in your mind.
It would have been the loving thing to do
as I was trying not to be unkind.

Acceptance was what set my heart at ease,
now, I'm with you until the bitter end.
The joy we shared has given me much peace,
faith, hope and love became the perfect blend.

Though gone forever my dear lover friend,
my love for you will never, ever end.



Author Notes
Watching my dear wife fading away with ever spreading
cancer was hard to face. She was only fifty two years


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