- Precious Koalaby Aussie
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35,000 Koalas dead in bush fires.
Precious Koala by Aussie
    Poem of the Month Contest Winner 

Beloved bear, now so bare
Singed fur, raw paw
So many burnt, no hidden lair
our precious Koala, nature's law

Roaring fires have no respect
Taking lives one by one
Water, just a drink will affect
Cuddly Koala, sleeping mum

When fires took you unaware
No where to hide, no place to climb
Singed and sorry, pain filled scare
So many of you taken, frozen in time

Rains put fires out, men looked everywhere
Men and women used their homes
Triage for Koalas, special care
Orphans fed, tiny, furry gnomes

Nature cruel, animals lost
Our special native bear
So many died, such cost
Babies survived, some with care

Poem of the Month
Contest Winner


Author Notes
Rhyming poem about the shocking loss of our native Koala, known all over the world. They get their sustenance only from gum leaves. They don't drink. Sleep at least 23 hours a day. Bless the Animal Rescue units all over the land, they have set up triage to save as many as they can. With their paws burnt raw, they can't climb, there is no gum leaves on burnt gum trees. We have lost 35,000 bears in the fires.


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