- A Spring Thingby Boogienights
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A Spring Thing by Boogienights
    Poem for Spring Contest Winner 

With joy, we wake to morning sun,
to find that winter's come undone.

Dirty snow that once held sway,
 now, but rushing streams today.

Through bitter days without a song,
the birds are here to right this wrong.

Naked trees are finally dressed
in leafy gowns, their very best.

The thawing river flows so free
and beckons, come and play with me.

The bears are stirring in their dens,
their long slow slumber finally ends.

As longer, warmer, days take hold,
we'll all forget the snow and cold.

Embracing Spring in all its glory.
It waits while we create our story.

Our own unique Springtime elation,
a yearly season's celebration.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem for spring. You can not use the words: flower, buds, blossoms, rain, new.
Poem for Spring
Contest Winner

Author Notes
The picture is of Duluth, MN's Rose Garden. This beautiful city has been my home for most of my life and has the most beautiful Spring.


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