- The Master's Aquariumby Catherin Elizabet Belle
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The Master's Aquarium by Catherin Elizabet Belle

Sinking into the deep emerald waters
Mysteries abound of pirates bold
And sailors of war-torn nations ravage
The deep abyss of bone chilling cold
With wondrous tales of swash buckling
And promises of jewels and gold.

Fathoms below the rippling surface
Lies a world of glorious adventure,
Tiny fish play amid swaying seaweeds
As lovely Mermaids of the sea nurture
Those the impish Siren called to death
Upon ragged coral reefs of torture.

Octopi enjoy tea with tiny Seahorses
As the creamy lacey Jellyfish dance
In the radiant rays of sun glistening
0ver white oyster shells perchance,
Hidden from the deadly fisher seines
Trolling for the delicacies of a prince,

Porpoises cavort in the aqua seas
As the mighty whale breeches clouds
Shouting, "Ahoy want my blubber"
Flips his tail, slips whaling crowds
Keeping rendezvous with the lovely
Lobster hen, escaping eerie shrouds

Hidden in the seaman's traps.
Eluding ravagers of the ocean deep
Keeping the magic of the underwater
Abyss where mystical creatures creep
And freely roam in the deepest quarter
In the darkness where sailors sleep.


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