- Son of Blazeby Aussie
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Blaze had a son called Sam. Beautiful shire horse.
Son of Blaze by Aussie

The gate gave him fears
Sam pricked his ears
Nostrils flared, smell of man
Only dad, admiring young Sam

Sam bounded around his place
Showed his prowess for a race
Dad stood still and smiled wide
Sam sauntered slowly with pride

Just like your daddy you galoot
Fun and games, smiling to boot
Coat of roan shining in sun
His colours stunning from his mum

When you grow stronger my boy
You can carry much; loads employ
Your daddy had feet like dinner plates
Come now son, we'll always be mates

Author Notes
When my dad came home from war, he worked a vegetable lease with Blaze, his heavy horse. Plowing was heavy work. Before Blaze died he mated, Sam carried on his beautiful nature.


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