- Entrepreneurship: COVID-Styleby Y. M. Roger
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Making the most (money) out of a bad situation...
Entrepreneurship: COVID-Style by Y. M. Roger
100 Word Story writing prompt entry

“Mo-o-om! Where’s my hairclip?”
“Hey, mom! You see my I-Pad?”
It was incessant. How did they survive at college?
Suddenly having all four of them home had Jonathan, my late-in-life twelve-year-old, and myself re-adjusting to a daily crowd. At least during the summers, they had jobs or classes. Now, they just lost things and ignored us.
“Look in your rooms!” My husband shouted.
A grinning Jonathan walked by muttering ‘shoulda picked it up’.
I chuckled at him… until dinnertime:
Jonathan hefted a loaded duffle onto the table, displayed his first item, and announced, “Bids are now open for Tommy’s I-Pad…”


Writing Prompt
Write a story of 100 words. not including the title. Any subject accepted. Must be exactly 100 words.


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