- Golgothaby Aussie
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They gambled for his clothes
Golgotha by Aussie
20 Line Poem contest entry

Blood and sweat covered his face
Roman soldiers spat at his grace
Jesus watched the Roman men
Dice they threw again and again

The day was darkening at this place
Onlookers quaked at the space
Thunder rolled, rain pelted down
God hid his face from this town

Held aloft the cloak he wore
Won from heavy gambling sore
Earth was quaking, men shaking
Still he held the cloak for taking

Why are you shaking soldiers brave?
He'll soon be in his Jewish grave
Jesus looked down at his cloak
Eyed the soldier and he spoke

"Thou shalt tarry until I return"
King of the Jews, so taciturn
Soldier threw the cloak down
He felt the power of God's crown

Author Notes
Contest Entry 20 line poem: There was a Roman soldier who won the cloak of Jesus. The cloak haunted him, but he couldn't rid himself of it. Finally, he turned to god for forgiveness and became one of the followers of Jesus of Nazareth. The words Jesus spoke from the cross to the soldier have been documented, I can't remember the soldier's name. Happy and Holy Easter to you all.


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