- The way to a boy's heartby Praveen J.
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An Incensed Life
The way to a boy's heart by Praveen J.
100 Word Dash writing prompt entry

11 year old Deb in Mumbai was infuriated. Adults were panicking in the entire slum colony ever since that fat politician made a speech about some new deadly disease. For as long as he could remember, he had seen someone die nearly every week. What was the fuss? Now they couldn't even leave their shanty.

His livelihood depended on selling incense sticks to white tourists outside the nearby colonial museum. This virus mumbo jumbo was bad for business. The only upside was that twice a day a rich lady would come in a truck and distribute packed food to everyone.

Writing Prompt
Take flash fiction to the extreme. Can you tell a complete story in just 100 words. If so, this is your opportunity to shine. The story can be about any subject you wish, creative approaches are of course encouraged. All stories must have the following: Main Character, Setting, Conflict, Resolution.

Author Notes
Picture credit : Pinterest. The Dharavi slum of Mumbai is reputedly the largest slum of Asia, with a GDP of nearly USD 1 Billion. Like most slums, it is a Darwinian jungle where only the fittest survive. It has produced some cricketers and film actors over the years but mostly just hardened, scarred youth.


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