- WHY Free Will?by djeckert
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God offers it to us
WHY Free Will? by djeckert

God's free will offering to man-

Attention! Attention!
This is only a test!
To see what it is, MY transient humans,
What it is that you love best.

As soon as My love brought forth this thing that you like to call, "Free Will."
Good and evil exploded into existence ,
So the void that it created could be filled.

Now, MY Creation, IT screams out
with two opposing views
Because I AM Truth and Love and Justice...
It's up to YOU to choose.

When you look up and see all the wonders that I have so gloriously Created.
Your own personal void, My child,
NOW, it must be sated.

When you look up into My Heavens,
and emotion and reason lie still,
it forms this sort of Cosmic Cross
between MY Grace and your own free will.

Do you say?:

"Wow! the One who made all of this!
Obviously can give us so much more!
I wonder what else is my gift?
It's probably behind all those hidden doors."

Or do you say?:

"Wow! this is all just dandy, and the stars they are just fine,
But just like all Sparks fly upward, I'm gonna grab for me what's mine!
This really must be it, out there. I see no hidden doors.
So, I'll just eat, drink and be merry,
give me more, more, more, more, more!"

Do you CHOOSE to concern yourself with what eternity gloriously offers?


Do you CHOOSE to concern yourself with filling up your, dust to dust, earthly, rotting coffers?

Do you accept the Cosmic Crossing offered and confirmed, in My Covenantal Book?
Will you accept the Cosmic Crossing offered and let your will meet with Mine Sublime?


Will you dismiss the great
as just a tiny mortal speck
who happens to be
"only ME, and mine"?

Do you choose to love the Grace,
that lies so plainly before
your face?
Or do you choose to
hate and berate,
or just ignore
the Free will, to you, I gave?

This all is why I leave you with
this most elementary of choices:

Science, reason and logic can be perverted so much
by Free will's incarnate voices.


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