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My Muse by pharp
Oh, you are... are you? writing prompt entry

You are a poet with much to say...
You are a mother who will go out of her way
You are a daughter who loves her mother -
You are a sibling with four sisters- three brothers

You are one who will give her last dime
You are never late, always on time...
You are loving, kind, and a merry old soul
You are never going to kick a field goal

You are silly at times, and that's OK
You are known as one who is happy and gay
You are on Fanstory's site with loving friends
You are social distancing and staying in...

You are wearing a mask to protect your space
You are doing this hiding parts of your face -
You are not going to pen a free verse today
You are losing your muse with very little to say

I believe you have penned a freestyle poem of some kind-
You have given your all, it's time to unwind
You have covered a lot from your muse...
My goodness, you are totally confused!


Writing Prompt
Write a humorous free verse or free style poem about YOU, as though you are talking to yourself! Recommended (but not required) that you start every stanza (except your last stanza) with "You are..." . You may start your last stanza with whatever you choose. Your poem can be of any length and genre.


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