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The World is in Crisis by pharp


It is evident in my mind Satan is causing much discord throughout
the world.

We have lost many lives from the coronavirus.

At least 106,813 people have died in the US from coronavirus, with at
least 1,857,304 cases recorded across the country.
The US has the highest number of deaths and cases globally.

Now, amid this pandemic, our country is in total unrest, stemming
from the death of George Floyd.

As I watched the video of this young man calling out for his dead
mother and repeatedly saying he could not breathe while his life was
being taken away;  I was unable to control the tears as they rolled down my face.

As a mother of two sons and six grandsons with brown skin, I thought this could have been my son or grandson crying out for me.

Amid this deadly pandemic, many around the country are protesting.

Satan is doing exactly what he claimed he would do "to steal, kill,
and destroy."

Satan is not satisfied with the 106,813 deaths already taken due to
the virus, he wants more.

The senseless killing of Mr. Floyd will lead to more lives being lost,
the destruction of many businesses, jobs, and much more due to rioting and looting.

Many protesters will succumb to this deadly virus or take it home to their loved ones, which is still taking lives daily.

In all that we do, we must show wisdom.   Protesting should be done peacefully.

Rioting and looting are meaningless and defeats the purpose of protesting against the death of Mr. Floyd, racism, and police brutality.

We should all remember the practice of Dr. Martin Luther King to protest peacefully.

This is the time we should seek God even more.  The Lord is a God of Justice.

Let us look unto God for our help, all of our help comes from Him.

Let us continue to pray without ceasing.   Prayer changes things...

We must continue to put our trust in God.   He is all-knowing, and He sees all.

Remember,  God has "all power," let us stand in unity, love, and peace.

A change will come...

Luke 1:37   For with God, nothing shall be impossible.


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