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They Had A Dream by poetsteve15
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They Had A Dream
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They both had dreams enough
in them to fight for us.
For you and me,
they had plenty of sacrifice
if needed.
Yet still had enough in them
to believe in us, even when we
didn’t have faith in ourselves.
They stood by us in the worst of times;
the two of them never stopped
believing that this county
could not get better.
They both were alongside of us;
all the way never to let us walk
a mile alone.
Now it is time for each of us to carry
the light of Liberty,
and not yet, let the light
be put out by a few.
However, remember one of them
did give his life; that we might be
able to walk-on for them both.
   Steve Lee Siegel
  June 5, 2020

Author Notes
The Picture I got off Pinterest tonight. With all that has been going here, in the USA, and the words I have heard this week. I think this is good time for it.


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