- Make America Great Again ?by jaybird1
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Racism must go
Make America Great Again ? by jaybird1

We wish to make our country great,
on this desire, I'd like to state;
We can not make it through that flame,
with violence on the ones we blame.

We need all shoulders at the wheel,
give eve'ry one a fair, square deal.
Share one, share all the whole life through,
let trust and kindness follow you.

Tolerance, love should rule the day,
there'll never be a better way.
Racism's in deep, dark disgrace,
upon this earth, it has no place.

Let's rid ourselves of hate again
and we may heal to great again.

June- 2020


Author Notes
Racism, in all its many forms is the largest of American
problems.It has to go, if we are ever to be great again.


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