- Just a Kissby Flyaway1
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A kiss between strangers
Just a Kiss by Flyaway1
100 Word Dash writing prompt entry

From the moment that I saw him, I wanted to kiss him, despite not knowing him. Taking a chance, I attended a lecture that he was scheduled to give. At least, I could see him.

As I walked in, he approached me, asking to talk later. I said: "yes". As I sat through the lecture, I wondered if I would be bold enough to kiss him?

The lecture was soon done and we were alone. I got up and touched his face, leaning in for a kiss. He kissed me back without a word. A kiss was all we shared.

Writing Prompt
Topic: A first kiss between strangers.

Let's take flash fiction to the extreme. Can you tell a complete story with just 100 words. If so this is your opportunity to shine.


Author Notes
This is based on an experience, but this never happened. It was fun writing and to think about the real story.


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